Fight to Fight (Eng)

Interview with Tord from Fight To Fight
by Fani Nadki
1. If you had to choose just one ührase to describe the band, which one would it be?
Young, pretty & stupid.


2. You’ve been around for more than a decade under a different name, Faenskap. Why did you decide to start this new project?
For a start, it’s really not a new project because we’ve been the same band for a long time now. But the name change was only the cause of our intentions to go international with the band. But we’re still the same guys with the same music and meanings!


3. Your first album is coming out on January 27th, tell us about the composition and recording process.
It’s been a long time since the first time we jammed the first songs on what was going to be this album. We actually planned to get it out within 2015 was over. We recorded the album several times, and for each time, it got better and better. We are truly happy we waited this long to realising it, because we are really pleased on the way it turned out in the end.


4. The artwork is so different from the usual style Metal bands use. How did you come up with it? Why did you choose Remi Juliebo from Deformat as your cover artist?
I think the colors represents all the different styles we combine in our music, and all of the influences we take from when we create music.
Remi is a really talented artist, and we like him personally, so choosing such a cool, talented and easy to get a contact, was essential for us!
We are all very proud of his work.

5. Your music sounds so fresh, with a lot of energy. And we can find a lot of different elements there: punk, rock, metal, progressive sound… but still so easy to listen. Tell us about your influences.
Our influences comes from all over. We listen to alot of different music, and it has always been that way for us. Alot of old bands, along with new. And everything from Hip hop to Classical Music is always appreciated.
I think our album sound fresh because we are very young lads with alot of energi and that kinda floats over in our working progress as musicians.


6. About the question before, which kind of audience do you think you’ll catch with the kind of music you are making? Like I said, it sounds really young and actual, just like you are. So I guess you expect a lot of young people following you?
I feel we get fans in all ages and genders, and thats really great! I really hope to reach out to young and talented musicians, and give them some inspiration in any way.
It’s really all about the fans. A musician is nobody without his or hers beloved fans. So I really hope to hit as many people as possible, in all ages!


7. You are going to tour in your country, Norway before the release of the album. How will this work? I guess many people will be so interested in buying your record. Will you have physical copies in those shows?
Yes, we are selling both CD’s and LP’s on the tour! No fans will be left out!

8. Tell us more about your touring plans after the release of your self titled album “Fight the Fight”.
We are doing some showcase gigs in some big cities in Europe, and we are planning something big for the fall. Wait and see!


9. do you have any summer festivals confirmed so far?
We got some festivals in Norway confirmed. As far as I know, I don’t know any international festivals, but they’ll pop up eventually, as they always do!


10. Do you have anything else to add?
Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll is back!

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