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The era of Black Forest Metal has begun!

Hi! I’m Ekaitz from Static Age magazine. You have been doing music with Finsterforst for 10 years, which have been the band's greatest achievements?

Wombo: Hi Ekaitz, thank you for taking the time and doing this interview first of all. For us in Finsterforst the biggest achievements are mainly our CDs which we have produced. Each one is like a child to us and every time we listen to it it brings joy to us. Besides that we are always happy to travel and tour. It’s great to come to other countries and see that we also have fans that support us there. Of course playing big festivals like Summer Breeze, Wacken or Ostfest are always cool.


Which are your main inspirations?

Wombo: As usually I would have said the Black Forest – the area in Germany where we are from. But there is so much more. For the music Simon gets inspired by all kinds of different music. I mean you have listened to #YØLØ and you can see what I am talking about. Besides that we get influenced by daily politics for our lyrics although we don’t see Finsterforst as some kind of medium to transport our political ideas.

Are you thinking about singing only in German?

Wombo: Well we started to sing in English on #YØLØ but I think we would go back to German for our next album. When you write lyrics in your own language you have to think so much more about every word and thus get a much more precise meaning.


How came the idea to do the “#YØLØ” EP? Will you continue doing more albums like that?

Wombo: Hahaha no we will go back to being serious. We have had the idea for #YØLØ for over five years already. We have so much fun on tour and when we get together and we wanted to put this experience into music combined with cool songs that we like to listen to when we want something else then metal.


Do you think that signing with Napalm Records had helped you in your musical career?

Wombo: I suppose people take us more serious and think that we are bigger than we actually are. So of course they have helped us. I mean we couldn’t have reached over 1 Mio views on YouTube without their help.


If you could tour with any band of the world, which one would be? (Also can be split-up bands)

Wombo: For me personally: Queen.


Anything to say related with the Iberian tour?

Wombo: Si señor! We are really looking forward to it. We have been to Spain twice and both times it was amazing! So all you people out there better show up!

See you in Donostia and Reus


Thanks for your time Wombo, greetings!

Finsterforst estará actuando el 10 de febrero en el Euskal Metal Fest de Donostia junto a Ithilien, Pimeä Metsä, Incursed y Sovengar. En Reus el 11 de febrero con Salduie y White Raven.


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