Interview with Bloodkill (Heavy/Thrash metal band from Mumbai)

Bloodkill was formed in late 2016 with Vishwas Shetty and Yash Wadkar being the founding members. The band initially started off as a typical thrash metal outfit influenced by the 80’s era of Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Kreator, Exodus, etc. However, with a few lineup changes the horizon of the band’s music broadened with added elements of heavy & groove metal.
1. Tell us how the idea for BloodKill started in 2016.
The burning desire of making, performing and rocking our favorite music genre live, the passion and the thrill of metal brought the 5 of us together. And we've never looked back ever since.
2. Your first album "Throne of Control" is out this month, tell us about the writing, artwork, and recording process.
We started working on the album around early 2018 crafting and writing songs that came naturally to us as we continued to jam together each time. While we initially approached the album from a very thrash oriented perspective, that changed a bit since all of us have different influences at an individual level and did not really try to restrict ourselves within the confines of the thrash metal genre. The Artwork is made by Gaurav Basu (AKA Acid Toad), who we believe is one of the best visual artists from this country. The entire concept of the artwork mainly deals with the overall theme of duality and how things are not what they seem to be on the surface. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Keshav Dhar(Skyharbor), again, one of the finest in the country.
3. The situation right now is really bad for live music, but we all hope this will change soon. So what is the plan for the LP presentation? Are you planning to come to Europe?
Indeed. We're trying our best to push the LP through digital means at the moment. But yes, we are hoping for the situation to change soon for good. If the situation permits we would love to perform in Europe.
4. Once we raise the issue a bit with the previous question, how is this current situation affecting you?
The live scene has taken the biggest hit. We haven't been able to push our music/merch through as much as we'd like. However, we would like to thank our international and local supporters/fans for pre-ordering our music and merch amidst these difficult times and supporting us. A huge shoutout to the Bloodkill family.
5. What would be a great touring line-up for you to come to Europe?
Whilst in a perfect world we would definitely love to play with the likes of Maiden, The Big 4 and the likes. However in a more realistic setting we would love to get the opportunity to play with the likes of Kreator, Kryptos, Gojira, & Down to name a few at the top of our heads
6. The biggest dream you have as a band?
Playing at Wacken,to be able to perform with our metal heroes someday. That would be something!!  Winning the Grammy someday has also been a common dream for all of us.
7. You released this first album yourselves, are you looking for a label? Do you have someone special you would like to sign with?
We have not signed up with any label yet. But yes, we'd love to work with the likes of Nuclear Blast Records, Metal Blade, Housecore, Napalm Records if given the opportunity
8. Favorite band or bands of each of you?
Each of us have varying influences wherein Vishwas is influenced by the classic thrash bands like Metallica & Megadeth, Anirudh is heavily into Anthrax, EYEHATEGOD, Down & Deftones. 
Yash is a huge fan of Gojira, Motorhead alongside the aforementioned Metallica and Megadeth, Shubham is a lot into Pink Floyd and Jay digs into a lot of  Meshuggah, Lamb of God & Slipknot.
9. How is the metal scene in Mumbai?
The Mumbai metal scene has been the home for some really kickass bands like Demonic Resurrection, Gutslit, Bhayanak Maut, Primitiv, Albatross to name a few and has only been steadily growing since it started off.

10. What kind of band are you in? So much party, or be careful to be fit for the next show?
We usually jam quite a bit heading into a gig with at least a few weeks of prep. We prefer being in our senses while performing.
11. Anything else you want to add?


Thanks for the interview. If you like what we are doing, support us by buying our merch!  We wish to keep making music and performing live and to give you the adrenaline rush for the rest of our lives. Your support is everything .
Thanks a lot and see you on tour!
Interview by Fani Nadki
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Throne of Control' is the debut full-length album by Indian Heavy/Thrash Metal band Bloodkill. It has an underlying story of how things are bitterly different from what it looks on the surface. Two sides of the same coin, narcissism, corrupted governance and the presence of duality in everything is what the album is all about.
releases January 19, 2021
Recorded at Illusion Studios, Produced by Keshav Dhar (Skyharbor, White Moth Black Butterfly)

Artwork designed by Gaurav Basu (Acid Toad)

Anirudh Gollapudi - Vocals
Vishwas Shetty - Rhythm Guitar
Shubham Khare - Lead Guitar
Yash Wadkar - Bass
Jay Patil - Drums

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