Lord Of The Lost interview (Niklas Kahl) -ESC-

The Hamburg-based rock band, known for extravagant costumes and spectacular performances, emerged victorious and will take the stage for Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest.


The rock band Lord of the Lost has been selected to represent Germany in the upcoming 67th Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in May of this year in Liverpool.

The Hamburg-based group, known for extravagant costumes and spectacular performances, emerged victorious in the preliminary round held in Cologne, where eight singers and bands competed against each other.


Lord of the Lost was considered the favorite to win the preliminary round. The band's album "Blood & Glitter" entered the German album charts at number 1 earlier this year.

The group toured worldwide with the renowned hard rock legend Iron Maiden last year, adding to its global appeal. (dw.com)


1. Nowadays many people see Eurovision as something obsolete, something from the past. What made you decide to participate and what does it mean to you?

NIK: The past years Germany didn’t reach a good place at the ESC finals and we’re definitely different to all the acts who were sent by Germany before. Musically and visual. So we thought it might be the time for something fresh, something new. ESC always has been a thing in my life. I remember back to my childhood it’s been a great happening once a year - the whole family came together and watched the ESC final.
It is the first time that Germany has sent a metal/rock band to ESC. How do you feel about that? NIK: It’s a huge honor to have been chosen to represent our country at this years ESC! I hope we can show the world out there the Germany has also great rock and metal music than only Schlager and singer-songwriter stuff.


2. Is any specific band member most excited about participating?

NIK: Well, maybe Chris, our singer, but that’s because he’s the only one who has to perform live on the ESC stage :-D - but no, I think we’re all excited and totally hyped to go to Liverpool on the same level.


3. The selected song is the one that opens your last LP and also gives it its title. Why this song?

NIK: Because it delivers a message. It's about everything you are with your body, your soul, your mind, your style, your behavior - everything. It’s about self-acceptance and the acceptance of others. Live a good life for yourself, but don’t harm anyone else. Love each other and take people as they are, as well as they should do to you. - So I think it’s a song that fit’s perfectly into today’s time.


3. How is the response of your fans about the participation?

NIK: Of course there are always people who feel betrayed because suddenly we’re happening much more in mainstream media than before, but most of our fans are still standing behind us what shows us that we’re doing exactly the right thing when we just do what we want - and for this we’re very thankful!

4. Do you see this as an opportunity to grow?

NIK: Of course! I mean, when else do you have the chance to present your music to this amount of people and to perform in a show that is to be seen by unto 200mio people!?


5. How will the performance be in Liverpool? Do you have surprises prepared?

NIK: Well, if I tell you about surprises, it wouldn’t be surprises anymore ;-) In general we’re bringing our show from the German preliminary show, but we’re scaling it up to the bigger stage, add some greater effects and so on… You will see ;-)


6. Is the team that you have prepared to go to the festival very huge?

NIK: I think all in we’re more than twenty peeps. Is that huge?

7. How will the celebration be if you win?

NIK: Huge. But it will be huge anyway no matter if we win or not, cause May 14th is my birthday.


8. What is your next goal after this great achievement?

NIK: Going back home and preparing for summer festivals, headliner shows and our upcoming tour with Iron Maiden. We’re having a super-packed schedule over this summer and it’s getting started with the first festival show only ten days after ESC.

Thank you very much and I wish you so much luck!          

NIK: Thank you!

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