Magnum & Vega (Prague 01/05/2022)


What an amazing night!
Bordering on absolute perfection, that was the experience we had last Sunday enjoying the legendary band Magnum accompanied by Vega.

Magnum are currently touring with Gotthard, but they have some solo dates where they play their full set, and we couldn't stop going to enjoy these legends live.
Vega are an AOR band from the UK that formed in 2009, 7 albums behind them and an amazing level. They delighted us with approximately 40 minutes of excellent cuts and great execution.
A band to keep in mind, looking forward to seeing them again.

Magnum gave a master class on what a perfect live show is. One great song after another, a completely dedicated audience. The band exudes happiness, know-how and professionalism.
Because Magnum keeps writing anthems on every album they put out.
Incredible concert, exciting beyond measure. I admit that at the beginning of the event it was difficult for me to hold back the tears of emotion. What a night! A concert of those that have a place in the heart and that we will not forget, we could have stayed all night and we would still want more.
Many thanks to Magnum for continuing to delight us with their magic.

Set List:

  1. Days of No Trust

  2. Lost on the Road to Eternity

  3. The Monster Roars

  4. The Archway of Tears

  5. Dance of the Black Tattoo

  6. Where Are You Eden?

  7. The Flood (Red Cloud's War)

  8. The Day After the Night Before

  9. Wild Swan

  10. Les Morts Dansant

  11. Rockin' Chair

  12. All England's Eyes

  13. Vigilante    -----Encore---

  14. Kingdom of Madness

  15. On a Storyteller's Night

  16. Sacred Hour


Fani Nadki

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