Obscene Extreme 2017 (English)

Our 3rd consecutive time going to OEF and we finally made it on Wednesday before the Freak Festival starts.
This year was the 19. edition of the biggest Freak-Extreme Music Festival in Europe. Once again an awesome line-up like you can see in the poster and many more activities around.
We arrived on Wednesday just before everything started, enough time to put on the tent, get ready and grab the first beer. Time for the Freak Festival, many people were there since the beginning, ready to have a lot of fun with things like: container racing, drinking of hot, salty water, an executioner punishing the most brave volunteers with whips and some more craziness!
Really interesting to see and funny most of the time, however some parts were not suitable for weak stomachs.
Wednesday was really great for a start because 3 great bands were playing right after: Evil Invaders, S.D.I. and Holy Moshes, really cool shows and a great opening for this edition. Like every first day on OEF the day was over with some more Freak Shows, with Selfie the Clown and some more artists around. A lot of painful stuff and blood around the stage, once again unfit for soft stomachs. People seemed to like it, we settled for some more party at the tent with the last crazy drunk people around and time to get some rest, so we can feel perfect for all the rest of the weekend.



More than talking about all the bands playing, I want to talk about this awesome festival for all those people that have never been there before, and I hope, after reading this you change your mind or you get the last push you need for booking the flight, bus, or anything you need to get to the Battlefield in 2018.
First of all, the environment is located in an awesome place, full of nature, all so clean, it's not a big festival like Hellfest, here we have just one stage and you can see all the bands playing. In front of the stage is a Roman amphitheater so you can see perfectly from any point and enjoy every single show. There is neither a photo area nor fences, so you can jump on the stage and share it for a while with your favourite band, but of course, there are rules, you need to respect them and everything is going to be so much fun and happiness for all the people around.
The community is just awesome, being there is like staying for few days in family, you don’t know all the poeple, of course, but everyone is so friendly with each other, and that is one of the most important points for me. You feel really good and safe here.
About the Backstage for bands and press: just perfect, quiet place for discussing things and making contacts, nothing like big festivals having people paying crazy prices for being there, this is a real one, just with professionals doing their jobs, thanks for this OEF!

And what to say about drinks and food… Here the prices are so cool, beer from 1,25 to 1,50 Euro 0,50cl, soft drinks the same, and for the Hard-mixed drink a bit more but nothing crazy.
The food is basically vegan and vegetarian, from 1,25 to around 6 euro you can eat a lot of stuff, really tasty and varied.
If you want to take a break you can walk to the town, just 20 minutes from the festival area. There is a big supermarket next to the Bus station in Trutnov and some good restaurants around. One is just on the exit of the festival, if one day you want to take a table and have relaxing meal it's really easy. There is also Aa gas station 5 minutes from the area.

There are a lot of merchandising-stands and of course, the Merch from OEF, really great like always, a lot of variety and always having some collaboration with good causes, like this year with Fight for Animals and Doctors Without Borders. This year's collaborating band was Nuclear Assault, providing a shirt with their logo in OEF-style. If you want some nice merch don’t go last day, it's usually sold out really soon!

So let’s talk about this year a bit; the weather was fine, we had rain, sun… But ok. And about the bands we had everything for people who love underground and extreme music. Thrash, all kind of Grindcore, Death and some experimental music, Punk…Bands from everywhere, here you have all the bands who played this year with the info:
It’s really difficult to talk about all the bands because they are so  many and I’ll always forget many things and bands but if I need to choose few for this year would be:
Wolfbrigade, Nuclear Assault, Victims, Full Of Hell, Ghoul, Wormed, Cytotoxin, Moom, Stormtroopers of Beer, Viscera Trail, Razorrape, Violator, Krisiun, Ratos de Porao… But like I said before, there were so many more great bands.
What remains after many days which simply felt like heavon are many cool moments with a lot of Moshpits, Stage Diving…and having around for example, people from Spasm, Gutalax, Immolation.

All I have to say are nice words because this festival is just perfect; funny, clean, awesome environment, great people, cheap prices for beer and food.
So right now we just need to wait until July 18th 2018 for going back to the Battlefield, and this is going to be a very special one because it is the 20th anniversary!!!
I hope I see all of you there because it’s gonna be, if that is possible, even better!


Obscene Extreme 2018, There we go!!!!!

Special thanks to all the crew because like every year they treat us better than great, and of course to the brain of all this madness, Curby; thanks for giving us a chance to cover the best festival in this world once again and keep doing this huge and extraordinary job!


Fani Nadki & Benner


All the pics by Fani Nadki, see the full gallery here


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