ABBATH announce headliner EU tour 2024

Norwegian metal titans ABBATH are announcing the Dread Reaver Europe 2024 tour! This massive journey will kick off strong with a festival Meh suff! in Swiss on the 6th of January 2024, and will continue its path down 14 different countries, hitting 31 different stages and will end at Nordic Metal Cruise in Finland on the 10th of February, 2024. A full list of confirmed shows can be found below.

Special guests on the grandiose tour will be TOXIC HOLOCAUST and HELLRIPPER for all the shows!


ABBATH headline:
01/06/2024 CH   Hüttikon        Meh Suff! Winter-Festival
01/07/2024 IT    Milan             Slaughter Club
01/09/2024 ES   Barcelona       Sala Salamandra       
01/10/2024 ES   Madrid           Mon Live
01/11/2024 ES   Murcia           Garaje Beat Club
01/12/2024 ES   Sevilla           Fanatic
1/13/2024   PT   Lisbon           RCA Club
1/14/2024   PT   Porto             Hard Club
1/16/2024   ES   Bilbao           Santana 27
1/17/2024   FR   Montpellier     Victoire 2
1/18/2024   FR   Lyon             La Rayonne
1/19/2024   FR   Paris             Trabendo
1/20/2024   DE   Heidelberg     Halle02
1/21/2024   NL   Uden             De Pul
1/23/2024   DE   Dortmund     Junkyard
1/24/2024   BE   Sint-Niklaas   De Casino
1/25/2024   NL   Utrecht         TivoliVredenburg
1/26/2024   NL   Drachten       Iduna
1/27/2024   DE   Hamburg       Kultur Palast
1/28/2024   DE   Berlin            Astra
1/30/2024   PL    Gdansk         Drizzly Grizzly
1/31/2024   PL    Warsaw        Proxima
02/01/2024  PL   Krakow         Kamienna 12
02/02/2024  DE  Leipzig          Hellraiser
02/03/2024  CZ  Prague          Palac Akropolis
02/04/2024  HU  Budapest      Barba Negra
02/05/2024  AT  Vienna           Szene
02/06/2024  DE  Munich          Backstage Halle
02/08/2024  DK  Copenhagen  Pumpehuset
02/09/2024  SE  Gothenburg   Trädgårn
02/10/2024  FI    Metal Cruise  Nordic Metal Cruise

ABBATH will be playing in support of their album 'Dread Reaver' which was released on March 25, 2022 and can be listened to in full HERE. The album is still available in the Season of Mist shop HERE. The cover artwork, which was created by Bjørn Stian Bjoarvik and Francisco Munoz, and further album details can be found below.
1. Acid Haze (04:51)
2. Scarred Core (03:29)
3. Dream Cull (04:15) WATCH HERE
4. Myrmidon (04:33)
5. The Deep Unbound (04:05)
6. Septentrion (04:30)
7. Trapped Under Ice (03:59)
8. The Book of Breath (04:35) WATCH HERE
9. Dread Reaver (04:43) WATCH HERE
10. Make my day (04:16) 
Photo by Francisco Munoz


The ravens gaze ominously from above. The seas roar in anticipation. The mountains creak yet again. ABBATH’s remarkable new album, Dread Reaver, is upon us all. Two years in the making, ABBATH’s third full-length is the culmination of everything before it. A fusion of debut Abbath (2016) and follow-up Outstrider (2019), the aptly titled Dread Reaver extends its fantastical fangs outward and drives its cloven hooves onward. Indeed, there’s nothing like an ABBATH record. This is the darkest metal for epic journeys and ancient battles. Comprised of eight riveting tracks and a red-hot cover of METALLICA’s “Trapped Under Ice,” Dread Reaver shows ABBATH triumphing over all trials and tribulations, riding hard into merciless glory as the one and only “Lemmy of black metal.”

ABBATH was formed by Olve Eikemo (aka Abbath) in Bergen, Norway, in 2015. After splitting with vaunted extreme metallers IMMORTAL, the beguiling frontman and storied songwriter only had one path: ABBATH. Years before, he had proven that venturing out of the IMMORTAL constellation was not only plausible but doable with the I project, a short-lived, one-album (Between Two Worlds) band featuring notable musicians from IMMORTAL, ENSLAVED, and GORGOROTH. Indeed, once Eikemo was free of IMMORTAL’s ’s shackles, he was able to assemble a cadre of like-minded conspirators for his solo debut album, Abbath. So crucial was Abbath that the Norwegian Embassy in the UK ran a music/culture piece, while in Norway, the album was nominated for a Spellemannprisen (Norwegian Grammy). Metal Hammer Germany even gonged Abbath with its Best Debut award. Follow-up album, Outstrider, was equally lauded. Billboard’s coverage sent shockwaves through the rock/metal scenes, while Kerrang! labelled it “dominating and creative,” awarding it 4Ks. Decibel also heaped praise on Outstrider, giving it the Best New Noise trophy. The new album Dread Reaver will yet again lionize ABBATH as leader of the frost-bitten pack.

Powered by Abbath’s creative musical imagination, Dread Reaver runs riotously out of the gate. The album’s edifice affords tracks like “Acid Haze,” “Scarred Core,” “The Deep Unbound,” and the album’s closing title track ample room to champion the extremes of black metal, heavy metal, and hard rock. While there are nods to NWOBHM greats, thrash metal’s luminaries, and black metal icons, Dread Reaver is unmistakably ABBATH. There is no other fingerprint. Paired with thought-provoking lyrics based on the historical figure of Othryades, ABBATH’s third album not only shouts exultant but reads like an ancient pyrrhic tale steeped in violence, sorrow, and grit. The idea of a Dread Reaver—a fearless duelist—can also be read as a metaphor for life’s actions and subsequent struggles. Be warned: Dread Reaver is ABBATH at his most menacing and accomplished.

Dread Reaver was produced by Endre Kirkesola, ABBATH, and Dag Erik Nygaard at Dub Studio in Kristiansand and Bergen Lydstudio, respectively. Kirkesola and Nygaard also engineered. Mixing was performed by ABBATH and Kirkesola, while the mastering was done by maestro Maor Appelbaum (FAITH NO MORE, ROB HALFORD) at Maor Appelbaum Mastering in Los Angeles. The goal was to field a storming production that sat firmly at the crossroads of Abbath’s heroes KISS, MOTÖRHEAD, MANOWAR and BATHORY. From the anthemic thrust of opener “Acid Haze” and the epic pound of “Dream Cull” to the rampaging “The Book of Breath” and the wicked cover of METALLICA’s “Trapped Under Ice,” Dread Reaver sounds as massive as Norwegian mountain and as fiery as the depths of Hell. Truly, the recording line-up of Abbath (guitar, bass, vocals), Ukri Suvilehto (drums), Ole André Farstad (guitars), and Mia Wallace (bass) found their sonic muse.

If “Ace of Spades” catapulted MOTÖRHEAD to fame and notoriety, then Dread Reaver will find ABBATH atop the metal’s gigantic heap, the spoils of icy blood, scorching sweat, and steely tears at his feet. As “Myrmidon” states, “Die with a smile, stare glassy-eyed up / At boiling skies! / Valkyries descend to gore-caked fen / Fallen warriors arise!” Lightning strikes thrice with ABBATH’s incredible Dread Reaver!

Recording line-up: 
Abbath - Guitar, bass & vocals
Ukri Suvilehto - Drums
Ole André Farstad - Lead & acoustic guitars
Mia Wallace - Bass on Acid Haze, Scarred Core, The Deep Unbound & Dread Reaver

Recording studio: Recorded in Dub Studio / Additional recordings: Bergen Lydstudio

Producer / sound engineer: Endre Kirkesola / Dag Erik Nygaard
Mixing studio and engineer: Abbath and Endre Kirkesola

Mastering studio / engineer: Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - California - U.S.A

Lyrics: Simon Dancaster

Biography: Chris Dick 
Cover art: Bjørn Stian Bjoarvik / Photos by Francisco Munoz



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