Dutch death metallers ANTROPOMORPHIA release "Crack The Casket" exclusively via website of Rock Hard!

"Necromantic Love Songs" out February, 12th!

ANTROPOMORPHIA is back with a re-issue of their first EP (1993) and demo (1992) under the name of "Necromantic Love Songs", set for release February 12th, 2016. All songs have been remastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus for the most eerie listening experience possible.

Rock Hard magazine is now streaming exclusively the opening track 'Crack The Casket'! Click HERE to check it out!

Make also sure to surf over to metalblade.com/antropomorphia to check out the cover art of "Necromantic Love Songs" and the first single "Chunks Of Meat". At the same location you can pre-order your copies of the album on vinyl and CD!

Please note that both versions are strictly limited, numbered and won't be repressed once they are sold out. 666 copies for the vinyl edition (two versions, 333 each) and 1.000 copies for the CD!

Comments singer/guitarist Ferry Damen: "'Necromantic Love Songs' has been a sonic sepulchral withering that keeps echoing through the years and although it has been 20+ years since we recorded it, till this day people keep asking when we are going to revisit this release. So when Metal Blade gave us the opportunity to rise these restless cadavers rise from their burial chamber, and although a lot of stuff got lost or damaged in those years we checked our vaults and got out everything we could use to make it a worthy re-issue!"

Track listing "Necromantic Love Songs":
Necromantic Love Songs EP
01. Crack the Casket
02. The Carnal Pit
03. Birth Through Dead
04. Chunks of Meat
05. Rotted Flesh
06. A Necromantic Love Song
Bowel Mutilation Demo
07. Intro (Demo)
08. Bowel Mutilation (Demo)
09. Splattered Remains (Demo)
10. Rotted Flesh (Demo)
11. The Carnal Pit (Demo)

ANTROPOMORPHIA have released two albums since their comeback in 2009, 'Evangelivm Nekromantia' and 'Rites ov Perversion', both available via Metal Blade.

Ferry Damen (vocals, guitar)
Jos van den Brand (guitar)
Marc van Stiphout (bass)
Marco Stubbe (drums)

28/02/16 NL- Tilburg - Netherlands Deathfest
12/03/16 NL - Bladel - Wapenfest
30/07/16 NL - Steenwijk - Stonehenge Festival


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