Finnish Female Fronted Heavy Metal Sensation RATBREED Drop New Single & Video "Master of Deception"

Finnish heavy metal band Ratbreed release their new single Master Of Deception via Wormholedeath.


Formed in 2015, the band released their debut album Evoke The Blaze in 2018 and thrived as a solid live act in the Finnish rock club circuit. After a small hiatus, due to line-up changes and Covid-19-related cancellations, they are now working on their second album and offer the first taste of what Ratbreed sounds like in 2022.

The song was mixed and mastered again at Soundspiral Audio by Swallow The Sun guitarist Juho Räihä. Cover art was made by Petri Lampela and Master Of Deception video by Niko Sihvonen (Rocktografia).


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Master of Deception (Official Music Video)

Formed in 2015, Ratbreed have gained a reputation in the Finnish metal scene ever since. After a bunch of gigs and getting enough material, the band was ready to wrap up their debut album.
Mixed and mastered by Swallow The Sun guitarist Juho Räihä at Soundspiral Audio, Evoke The Blaze was released via Inverse Records in July 2018, followed by more live shows.
In 2019-2020 the band had some line-up changes as guitarist Markus Taipale and bassist Lauri Palmunen decided to part ways, quickly replaced by Fabio de Oliveira and Tatu Nyman. After the mandatory concert break due to Covid-19, the band successfully hit the stages. While still working on the second album, they are ready to present the new single Master Of Deception, released by Wormholedeath.


Evoke The Blaze (2018)
Gates Of Underworld (2018)
Hunting High, Reaping Low (2018)
Master Of Deception (2022)
Escape From The Asylum / Mad World (2016)

Jasmin Anglén - vocals
Mikko Kaipainen - guitars
Fabio de Oliveira - guitars
Tatu Nyman - bass
Mikko Toivonen - drums






Band photo by Mike Sirén


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