Finnish melodic metal band Death's-Head And The Space Allusion releases their sophomore album in November - Final single before the album is now released!

Promo picture by Kari Kerosalo (Instagram: @lonkerosal)



Finnish melodic metal band Death's-Head and the Space Allusion is set to release their second album LUC-II-FARUL in November 17th 2023. Now the final single "The Year of The Sacred" is released on music services.
Guitarist Antza Talala comments:

"The Year of The Sacred is a bit more futuristic piece. It has a large doze of sequencers and keyboards, but it fits well into the album.

The lyrics describe Earth as a red ball in the mouths of the politicians, and when politics have become a part of the entertainment industry and popular culture, it’s really time to crack whips at them.

But will there be a year, when significantly more wise visitors from another dimension will come and kick this planet back on track?"
LISTEN to single on streaming services:


DEATH’S-HEAD AND THE SPACE ALLUSION, a band founded in 2016 in Oulu, Finland, is a combination of melodies, metal and clean vocals. The band released their debut album ‘The Counterbalance‘ in 2019 and now they are ready to release their second album! A few singles from the album will be released before people can listen to the full album.
This originally named band has an interesting way of infusing their music with melodies, metal and the raging spirit of rock with its guitar solos, and all this with a progressive touch.
Familiar atmospheres and vibes from the 80’s can be heard in their music as well, which come from a large quantity of keyboards in their songs.
The band has members from several known bands including To/Die/For, Burning Point, Antipope and Downstone.
DEATH’S-HEAD AND THE SPACE ALLUSION is a great, new kind of a modern sounding band where bold influences from the 80’s can be heard. This excellent metal palette is brilliantly brought forward with ’The Counterbalance’ debut album. The upcoming second album will continue on the same path!

Death's-Head And Space Allusion - The Year of The Sacred


ISRC-code: FIDHS2200016
Composed by Antza Talala
Lyrics by Antza Talala

Single cover by Petri Lampela 


Valtteri Virolainen - vocals
Antza Talala - guitars
Aleksi Mäkelä - guitars
Juho Rikberg - bass

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