PSOA2016: Three new bookings

4 new band bookings! The ticket pre-sale is currently in its full swing! Be quick and get an early bird shirt for free + you can choose from different tickets bundles. Note: They also offer Party.San Metal Open Air flags – check them out @  


Few bands could ever hope to disappear from the metal scene for a dozen or so years and then return as powerful and relevant as they ever were. But that’s exactly what UK extreme metal pioneers CARCASS did in 2007, when the band was brought back to life for a series of celebrated live dates, after being presumed to be dead and buried since the mid-90s. Early albums from Carcass, like Reek of Putrefaction (1988) and Symphonies of Sickness (1989), were hugely influential on the grindcore (and goregrind) genre. Anyway, the band is back and still releasing great music...see them live at Party.San Metal Open Air 2016!


Although they began as progenitors of fuzzed-out Entombed-style death metal, Sweden’s TRIBULATION has been on a trajectory towards smarter, more structured music since their second record, 2013’s ”The Formulas of Death“. Their latest album boasts the Dio-worthy title “The Children Of The Night“, and it’s their first release for metal powerhouse Century Media. It’s pretty rare that we hear a metal record with this level of songwriting, depth and evil sophistication. See them live on our stage! 

KATALEPSY is hailing from Moscow/Russia and their latest album ”Autopsychosis“ is a groove-ridden masterpiece of modern death metal that anyone into extreme music should hasten to indulge themselves in. Every song is a gore-soaked work of art with some fantastic and wickedly varied drumming, and the guitar work is absolutely God-tier. The vocals are monstrous and animalistic and the bass is inhuman, and this is a death metal album that deserves some exposure instead of remaining as underground as possible.

Poland’s MGLA caught fire on 2012’s acclaimed sophomore opus ”With Hearts Toward None“, displaying the song-writing polish and sophistication that often comes with the experience and chemistry that the duo of Mikolaj “M” Å»entara and Maciej “Darkside” Kowalski obviously share. At the forefront of the MGLA experience is M’s exceptional guitar work, bending bleakly addictive melodies, atmospheric textures and harsh, dissonant riffage around the nuanced hammer blows of Darkside’s controlled drumming. This is great black metal and you should experience this band live in 2016 at our festival.


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