US heavy'n'roll champions PERSEKUTOR share sleazy "Night Job" video; new album "Snow Business" out now on Blues Funeral Recordings

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Los Angeles-via-Transylvania black'n'roll revelers PERSEKUTOR presents the original banned video cut of their "Night Job" video, taken from their new album "Snow Business" on Blues Funeral Recordings.

"Drawing on influences from Bathory to AC/DC, the Transylvanian black'n''roll cult heroes stack frosty riffs and even frostier vocals." - Revolver Magazine
"A coke-fueled adventure with Romanian black metal luminary Vlad the Inhaler.” - Decibel Magazine
This is some filthy, hedonistic, rifftastic shit.” - Cvlt Nation

Marking the end of a long stalemate with the Romanian Ministry of Culture over "disgraceful artistic choices," Persekutor is proud to unveil the till-recently outlawed official cut of their "Night Job" music video, which restores the band's mini-heist flick to its natural length and girth through an American Primitive visual remix by Sean-Paul Cardamone, as set to the sleazy stomp of the lead single from their latest album "Snow Business".

Watch Persekutor's brand new video "Night Job"

With their uncompromising blend of black metal and greasy hard rock, the mighty L.A.-based and Romania-bred quintet Persekutor take no prisoner with their sophomore full-length "Snow Business". Ruthless in its songcraft and carried by the inextinguishable metal flame of frontman Vlad the Inhaler, the follow-up to their revered debut "Permanent Winter" is ten tracks cut for stadiums, ready to set ablaze anyone who will lend a not-so-innocent ear. Embrace Persekutor's metal glory with new videos "Snow Business" and "Suck City"

New album "Snow Business"
Out now on Blues Funeral Recordings

Upon lending early track “Power Frost” to the 2016 horror film Beyond the Gates — starring Barbara Crampton of Re-Animator and Chopping Mall fame — PERSEKUTOR frontman Vlad the Inhaler moved to Los Angeles and enlisted lead guitarist Inverted Chris (ex-Lightning Swords Of Death), lead bassist Adam Hell Murray (Deth Crux/Blistering Joy) and lead drummer Scott Batiste (ex-Saviours) to join the endless blizzard. After an initial series of unhinged live performances — the first ended in a stabbing, the second was at a strip club, the third was supporting Armored Saint at Decibel magazine’s Metal & Beer Fest pre-party — PERSEKUTOR recorded their full-length debut.
Permanent Winter was released by Svart Records in September 2020 and bolstered by a pair of raucous videos from crack production team TV/VCR. The album was hailed by Revolver as a “gloriously ignorant mix of goat-loving black metal and greasy rock n’ roll,” by Sleeping Shaman as “an avalanche of a new record” and by Devilution, who ranked it their International Album of the Year, as “a masterpiece.” PERSEKUTOR released the Brain Freeze EP in late 2022, with the title track featured in the Shudder original horror flick Christmas Bloody Christmas. The EP marked the debut of second lead guitarist Blake Meahl, formerly of international metal stars Huntress, and set the stage for the band’s next ice age.
In early 2023, PERSEKUTOR joined forces with the volatile visionaries at Blues Funeral Recordings for their latest foray into the riff-blasted tundra: Snow Business. Recorded by Crom/Despise You guitarist Phil Vera at Veracuda Studios in El Sereno, California, with mixing by Tyler Meahl and mastering by Sanford Parker, Snow Business sees the ice metal masters expanding their frosty purview. Shortly after mixing the album, Tyler Meahl (ex-Holy Grail) became PERSEKUTOR’s new lead drummer. The band recently released their third album "Snow Business" on their new home Blues Funeral Recordings.

Vlad the Inhaler - Lead Vocals
Inverted Chris - Lead Guitar
Blake Meahl - Lead Guitar
Adam Hell Murray - Lead Bass
Tyler Meahl - Lead Drums


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