Davide Tiso's LIGHTOWER secures a deal with Inertial Music, with plans for a new album release in late 2024

Inertial Music, a newly established independent record label dedicated to showcasing innovative and boundary-pushing ambient, metal, and electronic music, is thrilled to announce the signing of acclaimed musician Davide Tiso to its roster. With a diverse and prolific career spanning multiple genres, Tiso brings his unique artistic vision and groundbreaking approach to electronic music to the label.

Known for his pioneering work with bands like Ephel Duath, Gospel of the Witches, Howling Sycamore and Red Rot, Tiso has consistently pushed musical boundaries and captivated audiences with his visceral and distinctive soundscapes. Now, with his latest project, LIGHTOWER, Tiso ventures into the realm of solely electronic music, creating atmospheric and immersive compositions that defy categorization.

As part of the signing announcement, Tiso is set to release a new album under the LIGHTOWER moniker in late 2024. Building on the success of his previous works, the upcoming album promises to transport listeners into mesmerizing sonic landscapes, blending elements of ambient, dark, and soundtrack-like electronic music.

The three singles, Dawn, Navigator, and Dreams, offer a glimpse into Tiso's minimal approach and intimate artistry, inviting listeners into mesmerizing sonic landscapes. Each track showcases Tiso's masterful command of atmosphere and texture, demonstrating his ability to evoke emotion and intrigue through sound alone.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements from Lightower and Inertial Music as they prepare to release the highly anticipated new album in late 2024.

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