Enter Shikari Tour December 2022. Plus: Wargasm & Trash Boat

Full album from Dresden HERE

Finally, after waiting so long, we were able to enjoy one of our favorite bands and one of the best live bands again: Enter Shikari.

This time we selected 2 dates, Dresden and Leipzig, due to proximity and thanks to the holidays we were able to attend both appointments.

This time the band was more than well accompanied: Wargasm UK and Trash Boat.


Those in charge of opening the evening were Wargasm, one of the names that will sound the most both on tours and at festivals. An electronic rock duo from London that's been hitting it as hard as it can go: Milkie Way and Sam Matlock, the couple formed the band in 2018 and their first full length “Explicit: The Mixxxtape” saw the light this year.

Accompanied by live musicians, they came out to eat the stage. The room was full from the moment people realized they went on stage and showed absolute dedication. Approximately half an hour show that make it clear why they are there and the enormous future ahead of them, they are going to be a hit!

Don't miss the opportunity to see them live on their next tour with nothing more and nothing less than Limp Bizkit!!!!

Moment for Trash Boat, a punk-rock/pop-punk band formed in 2014 in St Albans, England (Where Enter Shikari come too). They have 3 studio albums and a wide list of followers. An audience that enjoyed the energy and good work of the English quintet. Concerts with complicity and great commitment from the band, which surely won many new fans on this tour. Fans of Blink 182 or SUM 41, check their music out, you're going to love it.

And finally the band everyone was waiting for: Enter Shikari, undoubtedly one of the best current live bands. The guys have been active since 1999, a solid formation and without changes in their 23-year career. -Rou, Chris, Rob and Rory.-

They exude complicity, happiness, energy... You'll find all the best that a band can give live at a concert by these four stars.

They reviewed their discography, hit after hit. The public dancing, jumping and shouting without rest.

The stage is impressive, the lights are a fundamental part of the show, as are the screens, an amazing display to achieve the perfect staging.

Two special moments that they have carried out in all their concerts this tour: one with Wargasm where Milkie and Sam came out again on stage to break the tables one more time with the kings of the night with "The Void Stares Back" and later we were able to enjoy the presence of the great Cody Frost who accompanied the quartet on the song that they have just released together, “Bull”. Brutal live collaborations that were enchanting and left a great sensation.

Every minute was perfect, two nights to remember.

A band that is more than consolidated but that continues to grow day by day. They are up, where they deserve to be.

Dresden was wonderful but the night we lived in Leipzig, wow! You could tell that it was the last concert of the tour and there they really gave it their all, also in the encore Rou put on the Santa Claus hat when he came out with the acoustic guitar and played "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and wished everyone happy holidays. A great gesture that moved the public and everyone loved it.

This summer they will be at many of the best festivals, don't miss it!

It's a band that attracts all kinds of audiences: metalheads, punks, hipsters... A potpourri of color and tastes that make the evening something very bizarre and fun. But at the same time that feeling of union and fusion of everything different that, after all, is the same. All united by the same feeling of love, happiness and good music!

Now we just have to wait for the next opportunity to enjoy this wonder live again!!!

See you there!!!

Thanks to Asja from ​​FKP Scorpio Konzertproduktionen GmbH & Jan from :: check your head ::


By: Fani Nadki & Dedi


Set List Enter Shikari Dresden

Set List Enter Shikari Leipzig

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