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We talked with F.K.Ü., Thrash Metal from Sweden, their new album 1981 is out now!

Let's find out some more about them!

1. First of all introduce the band please.​ ​

Emp - F.K.Ü. (short for Freddy Krueger's Ünderwear) was formed in Uppsala, Sweden 30 years ago, and plays horror themed Thrash Metal extra ordinarie! Just recently our brand new album, '1981', a tribute to the golden year of slasher movies, saw the light of day through Despotz Records. At this moment we're preparing for a short tour with Ice Age and Reignsaw, followed by a couple of festival gigs this summer. That's where we're at!​


2. It’s obvious you love horror movies, but why Freddy Krueger's Ünderwear? ​ ​

Emp - The band's name is heavily influenced by the same bands that influenced us musically when it all begun, such as D.R.I. and S.O.D. The Freddy Krueger part is also somewhat linked to the S.O.D.-fetish, due to the Speak English or Die-track with the same name. To complete the three letter abbreviation, the word 'Ünderwear' was added! Voila!​


3. Your 5th studio album has been released in the beginning of November, tell us ​ about the recording process.​ ​

Emp - It went really smooth, actually. To chill things up a bit, we went north to the town of Gävle to work with the always reliable William Blackmon (Gadget, ex-Withered Beauty) at The Overlook studio, where the drums, bass and guitars were recorded. The vocals, along with some minor add-ons where recorded at the Dugout studio in our hometown of Uppsala - also where the album was mixed (by Daniel Bergstrand & Lawrence Mackrory) and mastered (by Lawrence Mackrory).​

4. The album is a tribute to slasher movies and for those from 1981, how did you ​ choose the movies you wanted to make a song about?​ ​

Emp - It sure wasn't easy! Over 200 slasher movies were released during the year of 1981, and to avoid the infamous 200-really-short-songs-on-a-quadruple-album-problem we decided to pick some classics, some rarities, and, in an overall sense, the ones who'd fit the most into the album in terms of lyrics and themes.​


5. So fast and direct album, 14 songs in less than 40 minutes, how is this going to ​ work for your next live shows, do you want to play most of the new album or just few ​ tracks?​ ​

Emp - It's always fun to play new material. As always we'll try out all or most of the new songs live, to see what works and what doesn't, and blend it together with older songs - some that's usually a part of our live sets, and some that hasn't been played for a long time.​


6. Talking about live shows, you have confirmed few for the beginning of next year in ​ Scandinavia, for the rest of Europe, all the people are waiting to see you live. Will ​ you announce any more dates, a headlining tour or are you waiting for finding a nice ​ line-up to join?​ ​

Emp - Things are brewing in the F.K.Ü.-camp, for sure, and although we cannot give you the specifics, there's more to come in a not to distant future - and hopefully it will involve the more southern parts of Europe!​


7. And about summer festivals, any confirmations you want to talk about?​ ​

Emp - So far we're booked at the Gefle Metal Festival and the Sweden Rock Festival - the two biggest outdoors metal festivals in Sweden. We played at the GMF (or the Getaway Rock Festival as it was called back then) in '11 and '13, and SRF in '10, and we're really looking forward to come back! Our intentions are, of course, to play as much as possible this summer, especially when it comes to festivals, and, as stated above, the more southern parts of Europe would be great!​


8. What is the best part of playing in a Thrash Metal band?

Emp - The best part is probably the comradery and the energy that it gives you. And the anger management-effect it gives you from playing furiously fast songs. And the privileges of going places you otherwise wouldn't see, meeting tons of awesome people. And (!) the coffee!​

9. How is the Thrash metal scene in Sweden?​

Emp - It's OK! There may not be an overload of new bands coming up from all around, like it's been from time to time in the past, but the demand for high quality Thrash Metal, from Sweden or anywhere else, is as high as always. The supply-part will eventually catch up again.​ ​


10. Anything else you want to add?​

Emp - Thank you (!), and keep yourself updated at moshoholics.com, Facebook (F.K.Ü.) and Instagram (@fkumoshoholics)!


By Fani Nadki







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