Heavy psychedelic shamans MR.BISON unveil mesmerizing new lyrics video off their new album 'Seaward' - out 16/10 on Subsound Records.

Italy's heavy psyched rockers MR. BISON unleash a second excerpt of their upcoming album 'Seaward', coming out this October 16h through Subsound Records. Experience the captivating lyrics video "The Curse" now, and plunge into a very inspired mythological world!

Travel across a colored Tyrrhenian Sea and loose yourself among the different moons that make up MR. BISON's hypnotic and trippy lyrics video. "The Curse" is taken from their brand new record 'Seaward', a concept album that draws inspiration from the legend of the seven pearls of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and an imaginary horizon. Leghorn/Pisa-based trio captivate by creating a unique and wild musical journey packed with psychedelia and virtuoso fuzz deliriums.

Watch spellbinding lyrics video "The Curse" now over at:

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