Honeymoon Disease (Eng)

Honeymoon Disease is a groovy rock'n'roll quartet formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2014.

We talked to Acid few days ago:

1. First of all how did this project start? Why Honeymoon Disease?

It all started in late 2013 when Jennas band Thrill Warrior searched for a second guitarist to join their heavy metal force. Back then Jenna was the main guitarist and we managed to do one gig together when the band suddenly came to a crossroad where family life and life goal’s weighing to the disadvantage of the band.  After the resolution of the band Jenna and I decided to collaborate with a fresh start combining dedicated songwriting and rock guitars. We both share the love of The Hellacopters and Nicke Andersson,  which became a natural starting point of Honeymoon Disease. When we found Jimi in 2014 the circle was complete and the band got its core as fans know it today. The rest is history ;)


2. You just released your second studio album “Part Human, Mostly Beast”, tell us about the composition process, songwriting and how is this working in Honeymoon Disease.

Comparing the composition process with the debut album The Transcendence I can easily say that we had a clearer view this time with the arrangements and what the purpose of the songs were meant to be. Writing music is a process and we all grew a lot from the first album. This time we worked more individual on some pieces while writing together during band jams on some of the tracks. This album contains 50% lead vocals from me because the songs I wrote are more suitable for my voice range, something that didn’t come through on The Transcendence where I contributed with mostly melodies and choir vocals except for shared lead vocals on the track “You’re too late.” This time around our bass player Cedric also stepped in and wrote with the band, which resulted in Tail Twister - one of my favorite tracks on Part Human, Mostly Beast! Being a member of Honeymoon Disease is hard work but it definitely pays off tenfold.!


3. What about the recording and mastering?

We recorded Part Human, Mostly Beast live and the reason for that is simply the fact that we love to play live and get our energy from our audience. We wanted that energy to come through on this album, while making rock music with less polished sound and more “natural mistakes” to enable the raw live tone. Ola Esfjord was our producer this time along with The Transcendence and mastering was done in Texas!


4. With your first release “The Transcendence” you did sign with Napalm Records and tour a lot with big names, how does it feel like? Did you expect going up that fast when you started with the band?

That has always been a goal of mine (and for the band) to be larger than life, to set goals that’s hard to reach but not impossible. Right from the start I said to Jenna that the band’s gonna be successful and ambitious in order to take our project as far as it can go. It’s not a matter if we expected success or not, we just did what we thought was necessary to reach our dreams. We got in contact with Ola Esfjord by accident on our second gig in 2014, then we decided to record an album together and that Nicke Andersson was gonna be the co-producer because we wanted to work with him. Then we got in contact with Napalm Records and when they saw our potential and mind set they signed us. Looking back, the whole process is insane but it proves that nothing is impossible. “If you want it - go and get it”. We did some killer tours while being on Napalm Records label and now when we collaborate with The Sign Records we have made great contacts with our management in Spain and we are now on the edge of greatness once again, stay tuned for more news on our facebook and webpage!


5. Any important advice for bands who are starting for a great success?

Don’t be a image of someone else's perception of “rock band”.. what your band should be like or sound like. Be yourselves and just take it as far as you possibly can. Set goals and work twice as hard as you possibly can.


6. What is the best and the worst part of playing in a Rock band?

Best part - the audience and meeting new friends within the scene.

Worst part - the travel distances in a tight van while everybody’s socks smells like teen spirit.


7. What is the biggest ambition or dream you have as a musician?

To write music and express my emotions through my music as long as I possibly can. A dream would be to perform on Wembley stadium in front of 90’ thousand screaming fans! But I would also love to play blues in a steamy jazz club when I’m older... Touring with Kiss or Glucifer would be too shabby ;)


8. Tell us about touring plans and festivals for next summer.

We got big big plans coming up next year, two tours in early 2018 along with a full schedule festival season (!!) Unfortunately you are gonna have to stayed tuned for more info, thou shall not be disappointed!

9. Any interesting story you want to share with your followers, anything funny happening during a tour for example?

Haha well we got toooooons of tour stories to tell you guys about, but it would almost be a shame not to let Jimi our walking storyteller give you a 10 minutes brief of all the funny/sick stuff that has happened ;) One of the best nights during our spain tour - 2017 we played in Vitoria at Hell Dorado. It all ended up with us being forced to go on stage as a third encore while being threatened by El Jefe who said that we _will_ do one song more for the excited audience. So.. we did one more song, Fly Bird Fly High, which we hadn't played live before or even arranged properly. During that song I received a sombrero from El Jefe on stage during my guitar solo for my excellent Rock-Out on stage and we became best buddies. Love that place!


10. Anything else you want to add?

Respect the rock!



Fani Nadki

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