1. First of all introduce Insomnium.

Ville Friman: We are a melodic death metal band from Finland. More info at

2. The band’s sound takes influences from various forms of metal, from melodic death to some gothic and symphonic metal elements. How could you describe your sound in just few words?

Ville Friman: It’s a mix of everything we have been listening during our lives. The backbone lies in Sweish/Finnis 90’s melodic death metal but we have explored lots of other influences as well including post rock, classical music and even black metal. In four words: Melodic Finnish Death Metal.

3. Which are your biggest influences when you compose music?

Ville Friman: When we started we were hugely influenced bands like In Flames, Sentenced and Amorphis. And they’re good bands still. Nowadays musical influences are very broad and cover pretty much everything. Besides music, we take influences on literature, movies, history and art in general.

4. Your new album is coming out on September 23rd via Century Media. Tell us about the songwriting and recording process.

Ville Friman: It’s a one 40 minutes long song called Winter’s Gate. The lyrics are based on Niilo’s short story he wrote some time ago and the packet includes also the short story itself. We wrote the song in about 6 months time after we finished our last US tour and recorded it this Spring. All went surprisingly smoothly and weh ad very creative stusio session. The song is composed by me myself, Markus Vanhala (guitars) and Niilo Sevänen (Bass and vocals) ans is tru group effort.

5. What are your plans for touring after releasing the album?

Ville Friman: We are going to do the whole lot: Finland, Europe, Summer festivals in Europe, USA, Asia, Eastern Europe and so on. Probably another US tour as well. We’ll see what kind of opportunities comes along.

6. It’s been 19 years since you started with the band. With each album, the band’s style has progressed. How would you describe your musical progress from the demo to now?

Ville Friman: I think our musical expression is bit wider now and not so much rooted to melodic death metal anymore. We have also developed to more melancholic direction, use clean vocals and have more guitar solos nowadays. All in all natural development and experimentation.

7. Which do you think is your best and worst album? Why?

Ville Friman: I have to be diplomatic and say that each of them have their good and bad sides. Newest ones tend to be often favourites because you feel that you are more closer tot hem as a musician and composer compared to your previous works.

8. Next year is your 20th anniversary, do you already have some plans for celebrating?

Ville Friman: We do not. But I think we will come up with something for sure.

9. In Finland there are more metal bands in the country per person than any other country in the world, why do you think is this happening?

Ville Friman: To be honest, I have no idea. We have long winters and normallu spend lots of time indoors because it is so cold outside. So it’s either sports or music.

10. What goes on in the Insomnium camp besides the obligatory sex, drugs, and rock & roll?

Ville Friman: Most of us are working in real jobs during the weeks and we spend lots of time running the business side of the band by ourselves. So it’s pretty much work, work and work and maybe a bit of beer and rock’n’roll nowadays I’m afraid.

11. Any interesting story you want to add or tell to your followers?

Ville Friman: Thank you for the interview, please check out our new album and buy it if you like it. Hope to see you soon in Spain, hola!





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