NEST: Decibel Magazine Premieres Endeavors From St. Louis Metal Trio; Full-Length To Drop This Friday Via Housecore Records

Photo by John Jarvis

Stream NEST's Endeavors HERE.

Decibel Magazine is currently streaming Endeavors, the latest full-length from St. Louis metal trio NEST, spearheaded by Scour and Agoraphobic Nosebleed bassist John Jarvis. The premiere comes on the eve of the record’s official release Friday, April 12th via Housecore Records.

Vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Jarvis has constructed a repository for extreme sounds and emotions in NEST. On one end of the spectrum, his grating riffs played with icy industrial precision and hardcore grit will leave you bloody, bruised, and breathless. On the other, his shoegaze hum bellows in a strangely soothing trance, bordering on blissful in the face of raw destruction. This vision takes shape like never before on NEST’s fourth full-length LP and Housecore Records debut, Endeavors.

A lifelong musician, Jarvis has quietly left his imprint on the underground as bassist for Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Fulgora, and Pig Destroyer. Moreover, his low-end shaped the sonic assault of Scour alongside a true murderers’ row of extreme metal luminaries fronted by Housecore Records founder and Pantera and Down vocalist Philip H. Anselmo. Drawing on influences as diverse as Helmet, Hum, Deftones, and Quicksand, Jarvis formally introduced NEST with his self-titled debut in 2020 followed by Pretense [2020] and Tipping Point [2021]. Signing to Housecore in 2023, he personally wrote, recorded, performed, and curated Endeavors over the course of a week in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. He harnessed unbridled energy during the sessions, packing intensity airtight into a concentrated punch.

“Run Ahead” storms out of the gate with a battering ram bassline and vitriolic screams, while “Commiseration” hinges on a dreamy wave of distortion topped off by grainy vocals. Off-kilter jazz chords echo through “Concept” as the dirge-y barrage melts into a searing guitar lead. Elsewhere, “What’s The Issue” layers guttural growls above a fast-paced beat punctuated by jarring swells of distortion. The guitar, bass, and vocals snap in and out of focus as the drums ceaselessly pummel.

Writes Decibel Magazine, “Endeavors is a bleak and abrasive sludge record, one that understands the genre is best at its absolute darkest.”

Stream NEST’s Endeavors, now playing at Decibel Magazine, at THIS LOCATION.

Endeavors will be released on CD, LP, and digital formats. Find preorders at the Housecore Records webshop HERE or Bandcamp HERE.

NEST, who opened select shows on Pantera’s recent North American headlining run, kicked off a near- three-week stretch of shows on April 10th in New Orleans, Louisiana. See all remaining dates below.


NEST - Endeavors Tour:

4/10/2024 Siberia - New Orleans, LA

4/11/2024 Bears - Shreveport, LA

4/12/2024 Reno’s Chop Shop - Dallas, TX

4/13/2024 Herb House Dispensary - Enid, OK

4/14/2024 Hoot’s - Amarillo, TX

4/15/2024 Juno - Albuquerque, NM

4/16/2024 The Chaos Emporium - Phoenix, AZ

4/17/2024 Monte Vista - Flagstaff, AZ

4/18/2024 Eagle Hall - Las Vegas, NV

4/19/2024 Shea’s - Reno, NV

4/20/2024 Kickstand - Victorville, CA

4/21/2024 Knuckleheads - Hollywood, CA

4/22/2024 Navajo Live - San Diego, CA

4/23/2024 Music Box - Tucson, AZ

4/24/2024 The Rockhouse - El Paso, TX

4/25/2024 Rabbit Hole - Odessa, TX

4/26/2024 The Compound - Houston, TX

4/27/2024 The Brickyard - Baton Rouge, LA


“...instantly captivating because of the purpose-driven seamless cross-pollination of subgenres. The interesting moniker was apparently chosen to reference the dichotomy of what nests can be, beautiful homes to aesthetically pleasing creatures on one hand, vile and filthy abodes to rodents and the like on the other. This duality is evident throughout Endeavors with the balance and movement between music that's soothing and melodious at points, rough and ugly at others, much like the entirety of the human experience.” – Blabbermouth


“This album certainly occupies a unique place and has an audience who will enjoy its stylistic left-of-center approach to blending atmosphere with heavy mood.” -- Ghost Cult

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