ROGASH (Death Metal, Germany)








Country of origin: Germany

Location: Jena, Thuringia

Status: Active

Formed in: 2009

Genre: Death Metal

Lyrical themes: War, Death, Social Issues


Current label: War Anthem Records

Years active: 2009-present


Rogan Era EP 2010  
Supremacy Undone Full-length 2014



Line Up:

Voice - Erik
 Guitar - RT
Drums - Ahephaïm
Guitar - Rico



Hailing from Germany, ROGASH are five guys which dedicated their lives to the pure passion of death metal in winter 2009. After their first musical try-outs and some appearances at local underground shows , they released their first EP “ROGAN ERA” in 2010, which gathered a massive dose of praising feedback among the German metal community. Without having a record label or a booking agent ROGASH quickly enlarged their fanbase by playing more than “60” club shows in the last 2 years, followed by the first summer festival appearance at e.g. Chronical Moshers Open Air or Hell Inside Festival. Musically speaking, ROGASH is a band which combines typically Swedish melodic death metal sound structure, without rejecting influences from the straight forward American death metal style. Their debut album “SUPREMACY UNDONE” hit the streets in 2014 via WAR ANTHEM RECORDS. During last 2 years they played in festivals like: Summer Breeze, Out&Loud, Party San Open Air...

Next Dates:

19. September 2015   Wiesau @ Storm Crusher Festival Sodom + Facebreaker + Arroganz + more    
31. October 2015   Thalheim @ Drei Tannen Club Humanitas Error Est + Zeit    
11. December 2015   Erfurt @ From Hell Debauchery + Atomwinter  


19. December 2015   Niesky @ H.O.L.Z. Ichorid + Led Astray + more

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