Shane Embury from Lock Up

Interview with Shane Embury from Lock Up.
We talked about their new album “Demonization” and more.
Capturing the dynamics of all the classic thrash, death and grind, but also heading towards a more sinister sound… Play fast or die!
1. How did the band start?
The band started in 1998...myself Nick barker and the late jesse Pintado formed the band primarily torevisit those golden years of our earlier influences where albums were recorded quickly and with passion ! the first album was recorded in 3 days and mixed .

2. You just recorded your new LP “Demonization”, tell us about the writing and recording process. 
We all live in 4 corners of the world..we demoed musically over the course of 2015 and then recorded in december 2015
Kevin flew over to the UK  march to track the vocals we mixed later in the year..we discussed how we envisioned therecord by phone and email to explain ideas.

3. Are you happy with the result? 
Yup i think its our strongest yet and i think kevin coming into the lock up family has brought more dynamically to the band.

4.  Are you planning any European or American tour for this year? What about Summer Festivals? 
Lock up will be joining Napalm Death in april in europe for  a 3 week tour and then hopefully we will hot the states later in 2017.

5. Next year, in 2018, is your 20th anniversary, are you planning anything special?
 The usual praising satan and worshiping grind !!!!

6. Where is the term “SATANIC DEATHGRIND” coming from ? 
it sounds cool and its the sort of thing i would have put on my demo lists when i was tape trading back in 1986 ! a hybrid of words we were probably drunk when we made it up !!

7. Kevin joined the band only 2 years ago, how was that change from Thomas Lindberg? (For the band and for the followers)
We have all know kevin for a long time heapproaches the songs differently to tomas i think and of course his vocal style is different the change was quite easy since we have known each other as i said when you have been friends for such a long time and come from the same backgrond it becomes seamless.

8. You were with Nuclear Blast and now with Listenable Records, can you tell us the reason for this change?
 Nuclear Blast has a lot of releases and so does Listenable but we felt Listenable could focus on Lock up better which seems to  be the case.

9. You all have different projects, how is this working for rehearsing, recording and playing?
It works because you have to make it work,i have geared myself towards this for years and music is a big part of my head all day long,i have a family and well i am lucky enough that after such a long time i can live from music too so it all goes hand in hand with keeping a positive mind really and being motivated..
First and foremost to me is making music i get a kick out of a lot of styles which is why i do as much as i can.

10.  What do you prefer, big festivals or small venues?
I prefer small venues better atmosphere.

11. If you could prepare your own line up for touring around the world which other 4 bands would you choose?
Mastodon - Voi Vod - Faith No More - Rush

12. The best and worst show you ever played.
One of the best was santiago in chile with napalm death in 1997 the worst mmm i cant remember .
13. What else do you want to do in your life as a musician before you stop playing?
I an happy being a musician but would like to maybe write some book or short storys or weird poems !

14. Would you like to play until the end of your days or you can see any date for your retirement?
 I can see myself creating music for as long as I'm on this earth.

15. Anything else to add?
Play fast or don't !

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