The Offspring, Dog Eat Dog, Story Untold & Krang


After a great festival weekend we set off for Prague.

Subsequent a very invigorating shower and a good lunch we walked towards the venue.

There were a lot of people waiting at the entrance, because they opened in 5 minutes, even so, everything was very fast and efficient on the part of the organization and we were immediately inside the venue enjoying a fresh and very tasty beer, which could not fit better considering the almost 30 degrees temperature.

Finding a good shade to sit down to wait for the first band was the next thing we did.


Krang were in charge of opening the event, a very entertaining Czech Skate Punk band. They sounded pretty good, catchy songs that fit perfectly into the event.

They have been active since 2015 and have released 3 LPs and an EP. If you like NOFX you're going to love them, plus their merch was great.

We'll see them again at Mighty Sounds next month.

The second to jump on stage were the Canadians Story Untold. Pop/punk band that people have liked a lot, very commercial and catchy songs, as well as a good performance. They have been active since 2009 and have an LP and 3 EP's.

We were lucky enough to chat for a while with Janick Thibault (vocals and founding member) and Jonathan Landry (drums), at the end of the event and they told us that they had come from Canada just to play this concert, which says a lot in their favor, since bringing a band from so far just for one event is very expensive.

Everything indicates that they will go far and become a great band.

From here we wish them the best of luck and we are glad to have been able to chat with them.

From New Jersey: Dog Eat Dog were next, one of the first bands to blend hardcore punk and rap when they started in 1990 and as they evolved introducing elements of funk and ska.

A benchmark of the crossover.

This afternoon they had 45 minutes to delight us with their good work. And my God they did it: they made the entire audience jump and sing many of their hymns, such as “Who's the King?”, “Pull My Finger” or the well-known “No Fronts”.

In the middle of the show their tour manager Dan jumped on stage and stayed to accompany them on the mic until the end of the concert, there was a moment when almost the entire Dog Eat Dog crew joined the stage. Something very unusual and so great. See how a band is a great united family and how the people who are normally in the shadows are so important and are on the same level, since without them the tours would not be possible.

We were also lucky enough to talk to them after the show, super nice and pleasant, they attended each and every one of the fans who came to say hello. Taking photos, signing, chatting... Thank you very much for your time!

We are looking forward to seeing you again and we hope it will be as soon as possible.

The moment that everyone was waiting for arrived: The Offspring came out to destroy the stage.

One classic after another and a completely dedicated audience that did not stop singing, jumping and dancing.

They had sound problems in the first 5 minutes that were fixed quickly, after that it sounded great.

The band surrendered to its public and smiled throughout the recital.

In addition Noodles did not stop repeating how wonderful that moment we were living was.

It was short, they played about 1 hour and 15 minutes. But we had an amazing time. The Offspring is a band that you can't stop singing because you know all their songs.

In short: seeing The Offspring is always something great and it will leave you with a feeling of immense happiness.


Many thanks to Anna and the organization for inviting us to cover this wonderful event.

This weekend you can enjoy the Rock For People festival, one of the biggest in the Czech Republic, with bands like Green Day, Enter Shikari, Fall Out Boy... Infos HERE.


See you at the next concert!!!


Setlist The Offspring

  1. Staring at the Sun

  2. Come Out and Play

  3. Want You Bad

  4. The Opioid Diaries

  5. Army of One

  6. Behind Your Walls

  7. Original Prankster

  8. Hammerhead

  9. Bad Habit

  10. Gotta Get Away

  11. Why Don't You Get a Job?

  12. (Can't Get My) Head Around You

  13. Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)

  14. The Kids Aren't Alright


  1. You're Gonna Go Far, Kid

  2. Self Esteem


*The pictures from The Offspring are under review and they will be published as soon as we have the OK.



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