VITJA is the Russian equivalent to the first name Viktor which translates to "winner". After already creating an underground buzz in their native Germany with their album "Echos" and the "Your Kingdom"-EP the four-piece from Cologne and Muenster is set out to win over the rest of the world.
The band didn't just play with Bring Me The Horizon, Callejon or I Wrestled A Bear Once and Texas In July, but also performed at diverse festivals such as Summer Breeze, Vainstream, Impericon Festivals or Euroblast.

1. Introduce the band to all the people who don’t know you.​

We are Vitja from Germany. We play lower tuned Rock Metal.
2. VITJA is the Russian equivalent to the first name Viktor which translates to "winner”, do you see yourselves like this? ​
Primarily we liked the sound of the name. The meaning  fits perfectly as well. Success never comes on its own. We want and we will be the winners in the end and therefore we work as hard as possible.​
3. You signed with Century Media just few month ago, one of the best labels. How did this happen?​
We’ve been signed to Redfield Records the last two releases. We as persons and our music developed during the last years and in our opinion Century Media is the perfect partner for taking the next step. We got a message to tell and this way we’re able to share it with everyone.


4. Your new album is named “Digital Love”, tell us about the songwriting and recording process.
The songwriting for „Digital Love“ was different to our former writing process. We focused more on the song-structures.   Until now it was even unusal to repeat a part, haha 

It took some time but in the end we couldn’t be more happy with the result. This way we provide space for the melodies and samples to create the feeling we want to express.
5. After touring last year with Nasty, Malevolence, Callejon and many more, and playing big festivals like Summer Breeze, Vainstream, Impericon or Euroblast you’re going to do a Club Tour in April around Germany, this time a headlining tour, what do you espect from this one?
This tour will be a special one. We’ll present our new songs the first time live. You know, we’ve been on the road as a support band alot, now we got the chance to play in front of people that mostly come to see a Vitja show. Thats sick!​


6. How did you choose the support bands for the Club Tour?​
First of all we choose bands we like. All bands that support us on this tour consist of hard-working guys that deserve to be on the road. I am pretty sure that we’ll have a good time with all these lads.

7. Which are your biggest influences in Music?​
I definetly have to name bands like Deftones, Nirvana or System of a Down. But there are too many to name them all. Also other genre’s like hip hop gain influences on us.  
8. You are so young and I’m sure that you have many dreams about your music career, tell us which those could be.
We‘ll keep working hard on the band and we want to bring the band as far as possible. It is already a full time job and we love it. I guess beeing able to do music for the rest of our lives is the biggest dream which we all got share together


9. If you could choose 3 bands to tour with which ones could it be?​
Deftones, Nirvana and System of a Down ;-)​
10. Your favorite Vitja song? Why?​
My favourite Vitja song is „No One As Master No One As Slave“. It’s so soft on the first sight but if you keep listening to the song more often there is so much deepness and hardness behind the lyrics and instruments. ​ It ends in a heavy breakdown which stands for the older and heavier Vitja-Style. Can’t wait for the first time playing it live  
11. What do you prefer, small venues or big festivals?
Both got their amenity. Small venues are more privat, more personal and you got a direct response of the crowd.   On the other hand I like the big festivals with massive crowds and so many awesome bands to watch. And not to forget the legendary festival-beer-parties, haha  
12. Anything else you want to add?​
Thanks for having us. We loved the shows in Spain we did on the „Taste Of Anarchy“ tour in November last year. Hope to be back soon!  

Thanks a lot!

David Beule - vocals
Mario Metzler - bass
Vladimir Dontschenko - guitar
Daniel Pampuch - drums


VITJA online


Interview by Fani Nadki


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